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When Should You See A Doctor For Urinary Incontinence?

Dr. Jason Johnson | 04/24/2022

Is urinary leakage interfering with your daily life and making you feel embarrassed or self-conscious? It may be time to see a doctor.


Don't Let Flabby Skin Hold You Back. Give Body Contouring A Try

Dr. Jason Johnson | 03/19/2022

Loose skin and small fat pockets can prevent you from being in shape. See how body sculpting with Evolve Tite provides the leaner look you desire.


Impotence meets one of its best friends! The P-Shot

Dr. Jason Johnson | 03/07/2022

Impotence or ED has better treatments than just a pills


The O-Shot, Duo, Emsella & Votiva to Help Female Sexual Dysfunction

Dr. Jason Johnson | 02/23/2022

Female sexual dysfunction was often ignored because treatments were ineffective


Where on the Face Can Skin be Tightened With Forma?

Dr. Jason Johnson | 02/07/2022

RF skin tightening can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. Learn how Forma radiofrequency treatment improves the face and neck areas.


Why Does Urinary Incontinence Happen to Me?

Dr. Jason Johnson | 01/11/2022

Do you have problems with urinary incontinence or a weak bladder? Learn how our vaginal rejuvenation treatment can improve your health and comfort.


Shrink Away Unwanted Body Fat With Evolve

Dr. Jason Johnson | 12/31/2021

See how easy it is to say good bye to stubborn fat with Evolve nonsurgical fat reduction.


O-Shot for painful sex and better orgasms is a game changer

Dr. Jason Johnson | 12/28/2021

Yes, the O-shot is a real thing and people are loving it!


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