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The Solution To Aging Skin

The VampireFacial® and the one-of -a kind face lift treatment are patented protocols that utilize your body's own platelet rich plasma to trigger maximum rejuvenation benefits. Your skin is nourished with PRP, which penetrates deep into the serum through microneedling or injections for a more intense experience than ever before! It’s an incredible procedure that helps bring structure back up along side hydration in order restore youthful looking features you once had but have since lost due aging processes such as sagging skin etc.  Dr. Johnson was trained by Dr Charles Runels, MD who invented the procedure.

What Is A Vampire Facial?

A Vampire Facial is a trademarked procedure that utilizes PRP, or platelet-rich plasma therapy. It is essentially a regenerative therapy to repair the damaged or injured tissues on your face and rejuvenate the skin. The treatment is a minimally invasive technique that uses your own blood to treat the damaged tissues by initiating the regenerative process and in turn, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and sun damage.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

There is no one-size fits all solution when it comes to skincare. As with any other treatment, the amount you need depends on what your goal or desired result would be. In general we recommend 2 treatments spaced 6-8 weeks apart.

What Is PRP?

To understand how the vampire facial works, it is vital to understand what PRP is. Your blood consists of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma, and each has a responsibility in keeping us healthy. While the white blood cells protect you against infectious diseases and foreign invaders, the red blood cells remove carbon dioxide and carry oxygen around, and the plasma carries blood cells and nutrients throughout our body. The platelets are rich in growth factors, increase blood flow and cytokines, which in turn, stimulate tissue recovery.

How Is PRP Extracted?

PRP for the vampire facial is extracted from the patient’s blood to inject it into the skin. Several vials of blood are drawn from the patient and placed in a centrifuge. The centrifuge processes the blood and extracts the plasma with platelets. When the centrifuge spins rapidly, the heaviest particles in the blood, red blood cells fall to the bottom of the vial. The red blood cells are followed by platelet-rich plasma, which also comprises of white blood cells. The top layer is the platelet-poor plasma, which is removed before the vial is placed in the centrifuge again. The rapid spinning of the centrifuge separates the white blood cells and platelet-rich plasma, which is then extracted using a syringe.

The Vampire Facial Treatment

At Vilate Med Spa, your Vampire Facial treatment will start with a consultation with your healthcare provider, who will determine if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure.

You are an ideal candidate if:

  • You are not a smoker or consume alcohol and drugs regularly
  • You have not had any facial treatments done regularly
  • You do not have aby bleeding problem or use blood thinners
  • You do not have any infection, cyst, acne, or any other issue in the treatment area.
  • You are in general good health and have realistic expectations from the treatment.

Your past and present medical conditions, medications, and allergies are also considered to determine if you are an ideal candidate. A blood test and skin biopsy may be prescribed to further clarify that you are suitable. A treatment plan is made, and your blood is drawn to separate the PRP.

During the treatment, the treatment area is cleaned using an antiseptic, and a topical anesthetic is used to numb the treatment area. The PRP solution is applied to the area, and a micro-needling pen is slowly glided across to let the PRP penetrate into the dermis level of your skin. Microneedling causes micro-injuries that stimulate collagen production and promote healing.

After the treatment, the area will be red and bruised for a few days. You may also experience swelling and a little pain, which will recede in a couple of days. To know more about the Vampire Facial, give us a call, and book an appointment with our experienced healthcare providers.

Vampire Facial FAQ

Does a vampire facial hurt?
Most patients don't experience much discomfort during a Vampire Facial. Generally, patients feel a little pressure or pinch when the needle pierces the skin during the blood draw. During the microneedling procedure, the tiny needles only prick the outmost layer of your skin, not going very deep at all. If you're worried about pain or discomfort, request numbing cream before the injection is performed.

Is a vampire facial safe?
Yes, for the majority of patients, a Vampire Facial is very safe. The risks from the PRP therapy during a Vampire Facial on its own are extremely mild and include temporary bruising and swelling. With microneedling, possible risks may include skin infection, pigment changes, and delayed healing. That’s why you should have cosmetic treatments performed by an experienced provider like Dr. Johnson and his team members at Vilate Med Spa, who have studied the process.

How long do results from a vampire facial last?
Improvements from a vampire facial can last about a year or longer for some patients. The results will vary with every patient and will depend on skin condition and overall health. The benefit of this treatment is that it does not require incisions or lengthy downtime, plus it is less expensive.

Does a vampire facial help replenish volume?
A vampire facial does not restore volume in areas like your cheeks and lips. While a vampire facial offers impressive results since it rejuvenates your skin and boosts the production of collagen and elastin, it does not boost volume. If you would like to contour certain areas on your face that have lost volume, you may add dermal fillers to your Vampire Facial treatment plan.

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