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Restoring Youth

Salt lake City has become a huge center for sexual health and Vilate Med Spa is one of the leading experts in the field. One of the  most popular plastic surgery trends is making the labia minora smaller and less obtrusive. The labial tissues undergo changes in shape and size for various reasons, such as age, hormonal changes, weight loss, and childbirth. The changes in your labia may lead to discomfort while wearing clothing and sexual intercourse, self-consciousness, and other concerns.

At Vilate Med Spa in Bountiful near Salt Lake City, we use cutting-edge and non-surgical technologies to restore and rejuvenate labial youthfulness. Historically, plastic surgery was the only option to reduce the size of the labia minora and many women went through labiaplasty procedures despite major drawbacks. Traditional labiaplasty is a surgical procedure which Real Self reviewers rated 94% worth it though. Our non-surgical labiaplasty has less downtime, little to no scaring, and fewer side effects than a traditional labiaplasty with amazing results. We take your sexual well being very seriously thus offer a full suite of treatments like vaginal rejuvenation, shockwave therapy, and O shot.

What Is NonSurgical Labiaplasty?

Until recently, the only way to tighten and strengthen the labia was through surgical procedures that involved removing excess labial tissues specifically on the labia minora (inner labia). However, non-surgical labiaplasty accomplishes the same goals without surgical intervention and easily treats the labia majora, the clitoral hood, as well as the labia minora.

Non-surgical labiaplasty is a non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure that delivers controlled radio frequency energy to heat the labial tissues. The thermal energy leads to labial tissue contracture and encourages collagen production, which, in turn, provides further tightening. Over time, newly-produced collagen fibers strengthen your vaginal tissues to restore your youthful shape and functionality.

Non-Surgical Labiaplasty With Aviva

At Vilate Med Spa, we use groundbreaking Aviva technology to deliver non-surgical radio frequency labiaplasty. Aviva is a small device with a slender probe that delivers extremely accurate and precise radio frequency energy to the labia minora tissues, making them tighten and contract.

Besides the immediate contracture, the device also encourages collagen production. As such, your labial tissues continue tightening several weeks or months after the treatment.

The Aviva device can also treat the surrounding tissues in the labia majora, mons pubis, and clitoral hood, potentially minimizing the symptoms of urinary incontinence and vaginal dryness, as well as improving clitoral stimulation and the overall look of the genital area.

Aviva is an incredibly safe and effective piece of technology, equipped with several safety measures to ensure your comfort. It includes an internal temperature sensor that ensures you receive the optimal level of heat energy, reducing the risk of soft tissue damage. It also includes other safety features to ensure a comfortable experience.

Who Is A Candidate?

Non-surgical labiaplasty is the ideal treatment for women who are self-conscious or concerned about the shape, size or sensation of their labia. If you’ve recently undergone changes, such as childbirth or weight loss, that have led to excessively loosened labial tissues, you should consider a non-surgical labiaplasty. Besides the aesthetic improvements, it can also improve your sexual function and experience.

There are many concerns that we can treat such as vaginal looseness, labial atrophy (shrunken or wrinkly labia), lichen sclerosis, redundant clitoral hood, decreased clitoral sensitivity and many others.

Non-Surgical Labiaplasty Treatment Overview

The non-surgical labiaplasty is conducted under local anesthesia, so you don’t feel any pain or discomfort. You also don't have the risks and side-effects associated with general anesthesia or IV sedation. Dr. Johnson delivers uniform radio frequency energy into the labia minora, labia majora, mons pubis, and clitoral hood via a small wand-like device. The temperature is controlled and monitored by the sensors embedded in the device, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience. 

After the treatment, you can drive yourself back home and recover. The recovery process is fairly simple — most patients resume work and their daily activities within a day, though some wait for around 3 days. You’ll notice an immediate tightening in your labia, and the results will gradually improve over several weeks to months. You can resume full normal activity including sexual intercourse as soon as you feel ready.


There are risks associated with any surgical procedure, and labiaplasty is no exception. Risks include:


-Nerve damage

-Loss of sensitivity in the genital area

-Pain during sex or urination

-Unfavorable aesthetic outcomes

Some of the short term risks and side effects include:

-Urinary tract infections






With our non-surgical approach we have minimized many of the risks and have yet to have a bad outcome.


It All Starts With A Consultation

Your non-surgical labiaplasty starts with a personal consultation with Dr. Jason Johnson, the incredibly talented and board-certified physician at Vilate Med Spa. He carefully examines your labial tissues, reviews your medical history, and discusses your expectations to determine if you’re a viable candidate for the procedure. While Vilate Med Spa does offer virtual consultations tailored for those that are far from Salt Lake City geared toward many of it's procedures it is often insufficient for this type of consultation. We will often start with a virtual consultation to discuss treatment options and goals and can even do a preliminary physical exam however, we do require an in-person exam prior to the procedure. Please contact us for out of town options.

If you qualify for the procedure, Dr. Johnson discusses your treatment options and explains what you can expect from the procedure. If you have any concerns, this is the time to ask your questions. Dr. Johnson also curates a treatment plan for your specific needs at this stage. 

Other Options

At Vilate Med we specialize in sexual health and so have a full range of treatments that treat the various aspects of female health. We have vaginal rejuvenation, pelvic floor therapy, PRP therapy (O-shot) and other treatments so, we can discuss the correct treatments for each patient individually.

Because we are 5 mintues from Salt Lake City, Utah and 15 mintues from the Salt Lake International Airport we are a true destination nedical office

Nonsurgical Labiaplasty FAQ

How much does Aviva cost?
The expense of Aviva may vary from patient to patient based on the number of therapy sessions needed to gain results. Once your tailored treatment plan is produced, we will talk about the exact cost of your Aviva therapy. We will also be able to address any questions you have regarding your out-of-pocket costs.

What's the difference between Aviva and labiaplasty?
Aviva is ideal for women who are unsure about whether or not they will have more kids because it's not as expensive, faster, and does not require a recovery time. Even though Aviva is a beneficial treatment option for women who have moderate vaginal laxity, it might not be the best option for women with acute laxity. A labiaplasty is the surgical removal of the extra skin in the vaginal region and may be better for women with significant vaginal skin laxity.

How many Aviva sessions will I need?
For great effects, three scheduled Aviva treatments spaced around a month apart are suggested. Following the three primary sessions, annual touch-ups may be necessary to help maintain effects. Moreover, the natural aging process, significant weight changes, pregnancy, and childbirth can alter results.

What issues are treated with nonsurgical labiaplasty?
By creating a tighter vaginal area, Aviva may also treat many other problems that may have occurred through aging and other aspects. Aviva was made to strengthen vaginal laxity in addition to vulvar or labial laxity to tighten up the labial tissues and minimize any sagging. In addition, it can reduce dryness and incontinence to minimize any urge, accidents, or leakage symptoms. In addition, Aviva can address orgasmic difficulties or sexual dysfunction by helping to heighten sensitivity and increase the ability to reach orgasm.

How does Aviva work?
Aviva utilizes radiofrequency (RF) energy to warm up the deep layers of the skin from within your body. Using the controlled and carefully monitored delivery of energy directly where it's needed most allows the tissues to be tightened underneath the epidermis. With radiofrequency energy, there is much less pain for the patient and exceptional results are attained.

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